We have been looking at a series of core value statements that articulate the essentials of a Veritas education. The fifth foundational commitment (of six total) speaks to our commitment to excellence. Veritas strives for exceptional teaching and exceptional learning. God is worthy of and honored by our best.

At VERITAS ACADEMY we are committed to God-Honoring Excellence: We are dedicated to teaching and learning with excellence as unto the Lord.

We believe that all instruction must encourage students to love and honor God through their academic endeavors. God commands us to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Students must be challenged at all levels to do quality academic work “heartily, as unto the Lord” because God is worthy of their best. We employ gifted teachers who possess a passion for learning, a passion for teaching, and a passion for Christ. We want our students to possess a love of learning and be well equipped for their future callings.