In the past few weeks I have written statements articulating the foundational commitments of Veritas Academy. These short paragraphs are intended to communicate the core values, governing principles, and operating assumptions of a Veritas education. Here are the summaries of the first three statements. There will be a total of six statements.

  1. Christian Worldview: We believe that every aspect of our children’s education must be intentionally founded upon biblical truth.
  2. Classical Liberal Arts: We are committed to the traditional and long established, exemplary forms and standards in education handed down from ancient and medieval educators.
  3. Covenantal Family Based School: We seek to assist parents in their God-given task of educating their children in the Lord.

The fourth statement expresses the unique end-product or goal of our education -students with wisdom and virtue -not just students with high SAT scores or good employment skills.

Wisdom and Virtue: We believe that true education culminates in wise and virtuous students who are being conformed to the image of Christ.

We believe each child is a living and eternal soul to be nourished, not a product to be manufactured.  The purpose of education is not instilling knowledge alone, nor is it merely providing vocational skills.  The purpose is inculcating wisdom and virtue in the life of each student.  We seek true wisdom that begins with the fear of the Lord, is rooted in the Scriptures, and encompasses all of human experience.  We aspire to virtue that reflects the moral excellence of Christ, expresses itself in faithful obedience to God, and demonstrates love to others.  Wise and virtuous students will become principled, thoughtful, and courageous leaders in our homes, churches, and communities.