Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Only eighteen shopping days until Christmas!  Yikes!  And if you exclude the three Sundays, which all good Sabbath Keepers will do, that leaves only fifteen more shopping days.  And so, in order to make your gift decisions easier and to encourage your family to read more books in the upcoming year, I am attaching my annual reading list: 2017 Book Recommendations.  Each December for the past six years I have compiled a list of about ten books that I have enjoyed that year and recommend to our families.  These are not anyone’s all-time favorites or the year’s absolute best, but they are all books that I propose reading.  I try particularly to suggest books for folks who are not serious readers but might be looking for a good place to start.  So, look over this year’s list (and past lists: 2012-2016 Book Recommendations) ,and veni, vidi, visa (I came, I saw, I bought it with my card), and then tolle lege! (Take up and read)