For Christ's Glory, For Students' Hearts and Minds, For Your Family's Growth

  • “Veritas taught me to reject the sacred/secular divide.  Every area of my life is to be brought into subjection to Christ, so that whether I "eat, or drink, or whatever [I] do..." it is all to His glory.  So whether it be my studies, my work, my friendships - Veritas instilled in me the mental habit of putting everything through the lens of Scripture.”
    An Alumnus’ View
    Jennifer Daniell, Class of 2013
  • “Veritas is a great place to teach for so many reasons! It's a school that uses an excellent, proven educational approach within a Christian framework.  The gifted staff and wonderful families make it a joy to come to work every day.”
    A Teacher’s View
    Denise Winks, Music
  • Our family loves the Christ-centered approach to learning and teaching. The teachers truly care about their students and model a love of learning. My children know that they are loved by their teachers, and they look forward to going to school. The condensed day schedule gives us more freedom and flexibility to prioritize how we spend our afternoons. The classical model of learning is teaching my children how to think, not what to think. The community of families is wonderful, and we are so thankful that a school like Veritas exists in Savannah!

    A Parent’s View
  • The fact that we are a Christian and a Covenantal school, I believe, makes Veritas unique. As a teacher I tell my students that the best and most influential teachers you will ever have are your parents! Veritas offers a special format where we partner with parents and with Christ as the foundation of that partnership this allows for a learning environment that is truly special.

    A Teacher’s View
    Matt Amason, Logic & Rhetoric Humanities
  • We have attended Veritas for over 6 years, and it is the perfect school for us. It is academically rigorous in an encouraging environment. The teachers are amazing, they know each specific child and how to best motivate them. Family are a focus and student development is done in partnership with the school. The school community is a wonderful benefit. I would highly recommend.
    A Parent’s View