I was encouraged by this paragraph from John Piper in his recent book Astonished by God (Desiring God, 2018, page 9). Piper’s words apply to all of life, obviously, but it is worth pointing out that the reality he affirms is the fundamental reason for a distinctly Christian education. Piper writes, “God absolutely is. This is the most basic fact and the most ultimate fact. Of the billions of facts that there are, this one is at the bottom and at the top. It is the foundation of all others and the consummation of all others. Nothing is more basic, and nothing is more ultimate than the fact that God is. Nothing is more foundational than that God is. Nothing is more foundational to your life or your marriage or your job or your health or your mind or your future than that God is. Nothing is more foundational to the world, or the solar system, or the Milky Way, or the universe than that God is. And nothing is more foundational to the Bible, and the self-revelation of God, and the glory of the gospel of Jesus than that God is.”
GOD IS! This is the most true fact, the most basic fact, the most ultimate fact. God absolutely is . . . so we educate our children accordingly -in faithful submission to the Scriptures and for the glory of Christ in the gospel.