As we work our way through the six Foundational Commitments of Veritas Academy, this week we come to the fourth core value of Veritas.  Wisdom and Virtue: We believe that true education culminates in wise and virtuous students who are being conformed to the image of Christ. We believe each child is a living and eternal soul to be nourished, not a product to be manufactured. The purpose of education is not instilling knowledge alone, nor is it merely providing vocational skills. The purpose is inculcating wisdom and virtue in the life of each student. We seek true wisdom that begins with the fear of the Lord, is rooted in the Scriptures, and encompasses all of human experience. We aspire to virtue that reflects the moral excellence of Christ, expresses itself in faithful obedience to God, and demonstrates love to others. Wise and virtuous students will become understanding, thoughtful, and courageous leaders in our homes, churches, and communities.

This is essentially saying that education is about so much more than a job, employment, or a career.  Life is so much more than a job.  God’s purposes, while including our vocations and callings, are about so much more than our working careers.  Our children are humans, people created in the image of God. In addition to their minds, they have hearts and souls.  They have loves, affections, and transcendent longings.  They were created for so much more than serving as cogs in the wheels of the economy.  Our aim is wise and virtuous students who fear the Lord.  Our goal is young adults who will look you in the eye, who treat others with love and understanding, who live in obedience to Christ, and who walk through their daily lives in godly wisdom.  While the Veritas program certainly produces its share of the vocational results (high test scores, scholarships, honors programs, and excellent careers), our real commitment is to eternal results.