Over the months I have encouraged you to read in your homes -to make reading a part of your family life. Reading -quality and quantity -is part and parcel to a Veritas education. The data from numerous formal studies and from every teacher’s observation is that there is a very strong correlation between a child’s love of reading and their parents’ reading habits. Children who are readers -children who love to read -children who pick up books on their own -typically come from homes with parents who are regular and active readers. One test of reading in your home is to ask yourself when was the last time one of your children interrupted you while you were reading a book? If you cannot remember the last time, well . . . get started on a good book!

One major obstacle to reading is time. Most people feel that they are just too busy to devote daily or weekly time to reading. A few weeks ago I read a very helpful article at the Harvard Business Review. The author of How Making Time for Books Made Me Feel Less Busy argues that disciplining himself to read more consistently and regularly actually helped him have an improved sense of managing his time more efficiently in other areas of life. By making the time to read he actually felt like he found more time for reading and other important priorities. I commend the article to you.