In this week’s Headmaster post we look at the third (of six) Foundational Commitment of Veritas Academy. Veritas Academy is committed to being a Covenantal Family Based SchoolWe seek to assist parents in their God-given task of educating their children in the Lord. We believe that God’s covenant is family-based, embraces believers and their children in God’s redemptive purposes, and provides the key for understanding the status and duties of parents and children in the home, the church, and school. We believe God has granted to parents the responsibility and authority for raising their children, including the responsibility of educating them. We seek to assist parents in this God-given responsibility. We also believe that God’s work in the life of children occurs primarily in the home and through the ministry of local churches. We purpose to be an extension of the home and churches –educators who function as agents and servants of parents and churches. We endeavor to provide a model of educating children in which parental involvement is encouraged, indeed, even required. We are committed to fostering a covenantal community of like-minded families, who, with our faculty and staff, encourage one another in their calling to bring up their children “in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.”
Veritas does not function independently of family and church. If you look at the “Belt” logo on your child’s uniform and report card you see symbolized the interconnectedness of family, church, and school. Veritas believes God’s primary work in the life of a child starts in the home and is cultivated by their local church. We believe parents have both the responsibility and authority for raising and educating their children. We, by the grace of God, strive to be servants of our families -we are here to assist parents in fulfilling their calling from God to bring up their children in the Lord. Amen!