Summer is a great time to read books. Often the pace is slower, and we can find time for a good book or two. I just finished Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and loved it. It’s on the 9th grade Boni Libri summer reading list. I commend it to you -imagine a dystopia wherein everyone sits around watching TV and lets the State do all their thinking for them -a world in which no one reads any books. Yikes!
If you are looking for a good “Beach Read,” the latest issue of World magazine has a list of Thirty Beach Reads with some excellent titles. All of these are “light but not lightweight” summer reads -a mix of fiction, history, and a few classics. I sometimes wonder if folks who don’t read much feel like they must tackle Calvin’s Institutes or Tolstoy’s War and Peace to prove themselves. That’s like the non-weightlifter trying to bench press 500 pounds. Start light and work your way up. The World list of beach reads might be a good place to start. This issue of World has several other lists of book suggestions.