As you purchase gifts this Christmas, please be sure to include books for the children and adults on your list.  At Veritas we believe strongly that reading aloud to young children and then encouraging them to read on their own as they get older is crucial to the development of their mind and souls.  We also believe that reading parents who set the example are crucial to cultivating young readers in the home.  Being purposeful and intentional about reading in your home is challenging.  Our schedules are hectic.  The constant distractions of digital media rob us of the time and attention required for reading.  But it is possible -with a little prioritizing -to include reading as a regular part of your family routine.  This Christmas I encourage you to put some books under the tree and spend some time snuggled up with your children and a mug of hot cocoa and enjoy a wonderful book.

For recommendations on books for children and youth, the Redeemed Reader website and Youth Reads at are two great places to start.

For a few recommendations on books for adults, I have attached my annual list: Book Recommendations -2015.  I have also included lists from the previous three years; Book Recommendations 2012-2014.  I try to list books that I think might be good starting points for folks who don’t regularly read.  These are not necessarily all-time favorites or the year’s Pulitzer winners.  These are just humble suggestions of books that I have enjoyed this year.  Try one of these.  I’m convinced you will be glad you did.