As you do your Christmas shopping, please be sure to include books for your children. At Veritas we believe (very strongly) that reading aloud to young children and then encouraging (requiring) them to read on their own as they get older is crucial to the development of their mind and souls. (Reading parents who set the example are crucial as well, but more on that next week). Being purposeful and intentional about reading in your home is challenging, but more important these days than ever before. Digital media and hyperactive schedules rob us of the time, energy, and attention required for reading. So this Christmas put some books under the tree and spend some time snuggled up with your children or a mug of hot tea and enjoy a wonderful book. Here are two links with recommendations on books for your children.

In an article, Giving the World, at TheFederalist.Com , author Robert Tracinski provides a wide variety of great recommendations for books for three to seven year old children. There are a lot of fine suggestions here.

At the Redeemed Reader website you will find lots of book recommendations and reviews for children’s reading -from picture books to young adults. They even have some very helpful and practical articles about “raising readers” and nurturing a reading culture in your home. Happy shopping and happy reading!

Next week I will provide my annual list of recommended reading for parents.