It is always refreshing when an objective outsider looks at what we are doing and affirms it. This article is from National Journal, a highly esteemed and thoughtful conservative political journal. The author, Ian Lindquist, is a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center -a serious think tank. If you have never heard of the journal or the author, please be assured that Lindquist is very worthy of your time. In Classical Schools in Modern America, Ian Lindquist says, The story of this movement and its origins should chasten even the most despairing of today’s cultural Cassandras. Not only does it demonstrate that renewal is possible, but it also helps us see exactly how it might come to be, and why a countercultural patriotism – a love of our country’s capacity to resist its own worst impulses and to balance its regard for freedom with a desire for the good – might hold the secret to our culture’s future. 
While this article takes more of a political approach and not an explicitly Christian approach to our movement of schools, I believe you will find it helpful and encouraging. Might God be using classical Christian education as one tool (one tool among many) to revitalize our nation spiritually, communally, and politically? May it be so!