I have two article links for you this week. You might have some free time over the break to do some reading. Both of these article are worthy of your investment. While the content might apply most immediately to families with older students, I urge everyone to read these articles. Your little ones will be applying to college before you know it.

While I have often heard that employers are eager to hire students with liberal arts (classical education) backgrounds, I’ve not read anything that explicitly linked liberal arts training to success in tech fields. The link is counterintuitive, but well demonstrated in Why Top Tech CEOs Want Employees With Liberal Arts Degrees. “Tech CEOs across the country agree that liberal arts training-with its emphasis on creativity and critical thinking-is vital to the success of their business.” Read Shakespeare and become an IT leader!

Finally, I appreciated the rare, but common sense advice for high school and college students from Georgia’s own Mark Bauerlein in 4 Ways to Avoid Lifelong Adolescence and Get More Out of Life. This is excellent counsel for those do not want to be living in their parents’ basement when they are 28 years old. This would make for great discussion over dinner next Thursday.