This week I have a couple of links to parenting articles for you. The first article, Parenting With Sanctification, Not Reputation, in Mind is one that, while we’d hate to admit it, likely applies to all of us. Have you ever disciplined your child out of fear about what others might think? If you answer, “no,” well, then, you just won’t admit it. 🙂 I think all of us -at some deep down level –have dealt with our children or spoken with their teacher just because we are concerned about our reputation. We have been more concerned that others might think we have a misbehaving child or think that we are not a good parent, than we have been concerned about the actual misbehavior itself. God would have us train and discipline out of a concern for our child’s growth in godliness.

And speaking of the character and behavior of our children, here is a great blog post, Ten Forgotten Ways to Teach Politeness to Children. These are very practical, down to earth pointers on politeness. I have often thought of polite children as enjoyable children -children who are simply a joy to be around -they look you in the eye, they answer you when you speak, and they have pleasant manners at your dinner table.