Let me encourage you to read Why Christian Children Don’t Belong in Public Schools at TheFederalist.Com. The article begins, Many Christians throughout history shared the idea that God is the fundamental source of all truth, whether religious, academic, or otherwise. But what are we to make of a student who has spent 15 to 20 years studying academics without ever considering God’s relationship to these fields of knowledge? Does this kind of education not actually imply that God is not the source of all knowledge and truth? The most dangerous thing about secular education is not poor results, bad ideas or amoral standards. The most dangerous thing is its silence about God and transcendent realities. The article is careful not to bash public schools. It simply points out the realities of excluding God from their approach to teaching children. The great tragedy of modern secular education is that multiple generations of students have been taught by silence to think that God has nothing to do with math or history or literature or grammar or biology. The silence is the great lie told to children in government schools. Public education neither teaches nor believes in the transcendentals of truth, goodness, and beauty -hence the silence -and hence the lesson it shouts at its students, “God had nothing to do with any of your subjects.”