Those of you who have been around Veritas for a few years know that every year I compile a list of recommended books from the year. My hope is that you, the parent, might be encouraged to get some of the books and read them or get some of the books as gifts for your spouse or friends. The 2019 Book Recommendation List can be found here. If you are interested in the recommendations from previous years you can find earlier lists here.
Reading is so important to your child. There is nothing that prepares little ones better for school than reading aloud to them. And there is nothing that lays the foundation for successful learning later in school than continual reading throughout all the school years. In a matter of seconds, you can find all sorts of studies and articles online that link reading to success in learning. A young child who is read aloud to daily hears over a million more words before they start school than a student who is not. Reading lots of books throughout the school years is a major factor in higher SAT and ACT scores. The student who reads a lot has stronger language skills, greater vocabulary, better writing skills, and better-thinking skills. All of this is inarguable.
And there is also a correlation between parents who read and children who read. Here are three linked quotes to ponder.
Set the example for your children. Turn off the screens for a few hours every day. Be a reader -of God’s Word and of excellent books! Let them see mom and dad reading. Let them hear their parents talk about the stories they’ve read or the knowledge they’ve gained from books. If you want a reader, be a reader. Tolle Lege!