As you think about Christmas gifts for your children, please consider  the gift of a smart-phone free childhood. In the World Magazine article Dare to Be DifferentS. J. Dahlstrom lists ten wise reasons for NOT getting your child a smart-phone. Please, please delay giving your child a smart-phone at least until they get their driver’s permit! Some of the reasons include 1) the assorted evils in all of world history await them in seconds (no filter catches everything!), 2) A smartphone screen provides 100 percent of the creativity needed for an entirely passive entertainment experience. And 3) The entire premise of social media is a lie (Especially for children, the intoxicating effect of being “liked” is more than they can handle in formative years.) This is good advice. Please take it to heart.
Have a blessed week, a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!