The school year is up and running. Classes, lessons, homework, practices, and games are well under way. It is exciting to witness teachers and students diligently engaged in this glorious endeavor of teaching and learning. I say “glorious” and could use other adjectives like “great,” or “grand” because what takes place every day in our classrooms is, in fact, glorious, great, and grand. It is glorious because we seek to honor Christ in all we do. It is great because your children are loved and taught as God’s image bearers. And it is grand because the vision is to raise up a generation of godly, wise, and virtuous leaders. On the surface, by earthly standards, we may seem small and ordinary, but below the surface Veritas is an extraordinary school. I have been reminded of this in recent weeks.  God works through our ordinariness, even through our flaws and weaknesses, to bless our children.  He has given us gifted teachers, wonderful students and families, and a unique vision for classical, Christian, and covenantal education.  We are humbled by God’s work in our midst.  As our September Hymn of the Month, Psalm 100, says,

“O enter then His gates with praise; Within His courts your thanks proclaim, With grateful hearts your voices raise to bless and magnify His name.

Because the Lord our God is good, His mercy is forever sure;

His truth at all times firmly stood and shall from age to age endure.”

Scott Taylor, Headmaster