At VERITAS ACADEMY we are committed to Christian Worldview. We believe that every aspect of our children

When I think about our school (or any other organization for that matter) I often think in terms of concentric circles.  With a small circle in the center representing the core of families who whole-heartedly embrace the school’s vision.  These core families love the mission and are very engaged in supporting and promoting the school.  The larger circles going out represent other families at various levels of commitment and “buy in,” with the outermost circle representing the family who is enrolled, but isn’t quite convinced about the benefits of a Veritas education.  Part of my job as headmaster is to move families from whatever outer circle they inhabit to a smaller circle closer to the core.  I want everyone to embrace what we are doing.  Part of moving you to the core is informing you about what makes Veritas unique. When you enroll your children we have you read the handbook and other publications, but the learning process does not stop there.  This is an ongoing effort of encouraging you to rethink your ideas and assumptions about education.  Veritas is different.  This is not how any of us were educated as children.  So, week in and week out, in this email, in conversations, and in our meetings, I hope to challenge you to think about education, to understand what it means to bring up your children in the LORD, to consider how the Lordship of Christ applies to our classrooms, to envision the beauty of classical learning, and to consider how we can best partner together in this grand, God ordained, kingdom building endeavor of Classical, Christian, and Covenantal education.

So . . . for the next several weeks I will be including in the Memo and in this email short paragraphs that articulate the vision of our school.  These are not official or formal “policy” or “vision” statements from our Handbook, but they are descriptive declarations of what we are all about.  They will be brief and to the point.  Read and think!

At VERITAS ACADEMY we are committed to:

Christian Worldview: We believe that every aspect of our children’s education must be intentionally founded upon biblical truth.

At Veritas we believe the focal point of all that is, has been, and ever will be is the person of Jesus Christ.  We believe that the education of our children begins with this reality.  God reveals Himself not only specially in His Word, but also generally in every facet of His creation.  All knowledge is therefore interrelated and teaches us about God’s character, wisdom, and power. Ultimate reality exists only in Him, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, and therefore truth can be understood only as it relates to Him, the God of Truth and Sovereign Lord over all.  The Scriptures teach that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge.  We believe therefore that every aspect of our children’s education must be intentionally grounded in and integrated with biblical truth.