Do classical Christian schools really make a difference in the lives of students? The ACCS has just released a major study examining this question -and the results are quite stunning. The results consistently and dramatically indicate that classical and Christian education seems to make a real difference in the lives of students. The study of 24-42 year old alumni compares life outcomes for graduates of classical Christian schools with five other types of schools (public, private secular, Catholic schools, evangelical protestant schools and religious homeschools). Alumni of all the different types of schools were asked an extensive array of questions -everything from “Did your high school prepare you for college?”, “Do you have a positive outlook on life?”, “Are you thankful for your life?” and “Are you involved in your community?” to “Do you now attend church?” The research “seems to confirm what history has repeatedly demonstrated-classical Christian education can influence the course of a home, a community, or a nation.” I strongly encourage you to visit the sight and read through the report. You can even download a 57-page report. If you read through the first 10-12 pages of the report you will see that the research was extensive and professionally conducted in a such a way to provide statistically reliable, objective, and credible data. The research and analysis were conducted by the University of Notre Dame utilizing data from the Cardus Education Survey -“one of the most comprehensive and valuable surveys of its kind.”