A couple of weeks ago I encouraged you to listen to a podcast that would soon be published. The podcast of a conversation about the advantages of classical Christian education over the common core between Association of Classical & Christian Schools President David Goodwin and Eric Metaxas has finally been posted. You will find the discussion enlightening.
As you may recall, Veritas is serving as a regional test site for the Classic Learning Test. The CLT has been developed as an alternative to the popular SAT and ACT college placement tests. The list of colleges that accept the CLT for admissions is growing every week. The CLT is designed to test for the sorts of things we teach at Veritas –things like great ideas, wisdom, virtue, etc. Jeremy Tate has written an excellent article that compares the Classic Learning Test to the popular SAT and ACT college placement exams. I absolutely understand the practical necessity of having your high schooler take the ACT/SAT –most colleges require one or the other –my own high schoolers have/will take them. But I also urge you to consider the value of having your student take an exam that accurately assesses the things that truly matter to you.
The next CLT test date at Veritas is Saturday, November 12. Your 8th-12th grader can register for the test here. The deadline for registering for the November 12 exam is November 2. Other test dates include January 7 and March 18. You can learn more about the CLT here.