With the new school-year we will also get back into the routine of reading and thinking together as parents. It has been my practice to provide a link to a website, article, book, or occasional video. I hope to challenge and encourage you in the areas of godly parenting, Christian worldview thinking, and classical education. The links have covered themes from patience with your children to why you should read Flannery O’Connor to how your smartphone could be robbing you of a thoughtful and intentional life. And yes, you should be patient with your children and, yes, you should read Flannery O’Connor and, yes, you need to be careful about staring at your screen too much.
This week I would like for you to visit a great new website from the ACCS. ClassicalDifference.com features a host of excellent resources and information about classical, Christian education. I particularly encourage you to read through the “About Classical Christian Education” where you will get a concise overview of the basics of classical Christian education. There is also a very helpful recent article about some of the dangers of Common Core. Please spend some time browsing through the site. You will find much that will help you grow in your understanding of the education your child is receiving at Veritas Academy.