We could call this week “Look Our Best Week.”  On Tuesday and Wednesday cameras will be present.  We need spiffy students for both days!  On Tuesday, Stefani Soutar (photographer) and Andrea Jarrett (Marketing & Development Director) will be visiting classrooms to take pictures for use in our advertising and on our website.  And then Mrs. Soutar will be back on Wednesday for School Picture Day.  On Wednesday we will take individual portraits of all the students, class pictures, and shots of the entire school on the front steps of the church.  Thanks for helping us Look Our Best this week.
As part of our preparations for accreditation with the ACCS we have refreshed some of our “core documents.”  We have not changed the substance of our mission and philosophy of education -not at all, but we have updated the way in which we articulate them.  We hope that these statements bring clarity to our purposes at Veritas.  Please find the updated statements on our “Foundational Commitments, Approach, and Goals” attached.
As you read these statements you will notice one entirely new section.  Because of recent social trends, threats against religious liberty, and the potential for legal action against schools that hold to biblical standards of life, marriage, and sexuality we have added a series of statements under the “Statement on the Sanctity of Life, Marriage, Gender, and Sexuality.”  Unfortunately, it is no longer enough (culturally or morally) to simply state that you adhere to “biblical ethics.”  It is now necessary to spell out exactly what you mean.  The statement that we have added is taken from the Alliance Defending Freedom, a group that exists to help protect religious liberty.
Veritas is committed to providing a distinctly Christ-centered, classical, and covenantal education.  At the heart of our education is a commitment to teaching and learning under the authority of God’s Word.  We are deeply saddened that our freedom to do so can no longer be simply assumed.  But we are equally glad to affirm our unwavering commitment to the fact that God has clearly spoken to us on these issues, that His Word is Truth, and that we must live, teach, and learn according to all He has said.