Each year I provide a list of what I hope produces some last-minute Christmas gifts. Please look over my Book Recommendations 2016. These are not my “Best Books Published in 2016” or even “The Best Books I Read in 2016.” This list consists of books that I suggest to the parent who is looking to read some books, but might not know where to start. They are well-written, engaging stories or essays that are accessible to the average reader. There are novels, memoirs, poetry, and non-fiction –some recent titles and some from previous centuries. I read theology and other Christian books, but generally leave those suggestions to your pastors and other sources (see here, here (World Magazine podcasts with recommendations for all ages), here, and here for some excellent 2016 Christian book recommendations). For those who are new to Veritas, you can read the recommendations from previous years Book Recommendations 2012-2015. Happy reading!