Often in these posts I challenge you, our parents, to be readers. Well, here I am again. I have always believed that parents of children in classical Christian schools should be active and passionate readers. Of all the parents out there, our parents ought to be readers. If your child attends Veritas and you are not a regular reader, I encourage you to read a book, just one book, between now and the end of the year -and then to read one book each month in 2019. Few things will mature your thinking as a believer and expand your view of the world God has made like reading. Few things will encourage your children to be readers like having parents who are readers. To this end, you will find attached my annual list of recommended books. This 2018 list is not the “best of” or my favorites from 2018. This is a list of reads that I hope parents might enjoy. I’ve included some novels, classics, biography, history, poetry, and a couple of contemporary issue books -something for everyone. Enjoy! You will also find some excellent book recommendations in this week’s edition of World Magazine. In World’s 2018 Books of the Year article you will find “Book of Year” selections and lists of great suggestions from a variety of categories. All of these appear to be outstanding reads. A list of World’s previous Books of the Year selections can be found here. My lists from previous years can be found here. Pick a book, get the book (library or purchase), and read the book. You will be better for it. Use these lists as Christmas gift lists. Classical, Christian, and covenantal families should always have books under the tree on December 25! Amen? Amen!