Fall 2023

  • Click on each teacher’s name to sign-up.
  • Take note of the location of each conference. Conferences may take place in a different building than where your student has class. (Axson is the main school building where grades PK-6 meet, Admin is at the beginning of the lane where grades 7-8 meet, Whitaker is at the end of the lane where grades 9-12 meet.)
  • Conferences take place back to back, please be on time for your slot.
  • Please sign up at least 24 hours in advance.

PreK – Mrs. Glendye

Kingergarten – Mrs. Mayes or Mrs. McKee

1st Grade – Miss Brodmann

2nd Grade – Mrs. Ward

3rd Grade – Mrs. Taylor

4th Grade – Mrs. Pettijohn

5th Grade – Miss Rustine

Mr. Amason

Dr. Burt

Mrs. Crowe

Miss Daniell

Mrs. Flanagan

Mr. Le Mahieu

Miss Locklear

Mrs. Locklear

Dr. Rush

Mr. Sparks

Mrs. Thompson

Dr. Wang