In pursuing its mission to assist parents in providing for their children an education that is Christian, Classical and Covenantal, Veritas Academy places the utmost importance on teaching the classical Trivium in the Grammar (Elementary), Logic (Middle School) and Rhetoric Schools (High School). Our Pre-K and Kindergarten programs are seen as preliminary to the trivium. Our Extended Day Classes are supplemental to it.

Our academic program for each grade is full-curriculum, offering all core subjects in the mornings (Language Arts, Math, Literature, History, Science, Foreign Language) and electives in the afternoons (Art, Music, PE and Drama).

Our curricula, book lists and even extracurricular activities are all carefully developed to accomplish our mission, but without our dedicated, knowledgeable, Christian teachers, who themselves love to learn, Veritas Academy would be far from its goal.

Attention Homeschool Families!

Knowing that homeschooling families may need to supplement their home education with outside classes from time to time, we also offer our core classes and Extended Day electives for them to