Please let me point you to an article in the most recent issue of Touchstone Magazine that speaks very clearly and directly to the vision for covenantal parenting, godly homes, and Christian education at Veritas Academy. In Keep Them from Idols, Ross Blackburn expounds the great foundational passage for Christian education, Deuteronomy 6:4-9, and argues that the education of children takes generations of fidelity. Here are a few quotes from the article.
The Scriptures understand that we are largely a product of our generations, and therefore put great weight on generational faithfulness (p. 31).
These words [Deut 6:6-9] are nothing less than a philosophy of education. At least three matters are worth noting. First, the command assumes that education is chiefly about God, in the implication that loving God and following his commands is the most important thing that a child can learn. Second, it establishes the parents as responsible for raising children to love God. Finally, it calls for such an education to be carried on in the course of life (p. 32)
Let us take seriously that the call to love God is countercultural, sometimes even in the church (p. 35).
Let us recognize the home as the primary context of education, and the call of parents to educate and disciple their children. Education is far more than imparting information. It is chiefly about forming Christian character and judgment, teaching children to love God in all of life (p. 36).
Let us remember that teaching children to love God means that education is firmly grounded in the cross of Christ (p. 37).
I remember as a young father being gripped by the generational nature of our faith (see Psalm 78:4-7). As a first-generation Christian with young children I was deeply humbled and greatly inspired to believe that God could work in my home to raise up a generation of believing children who would become godly parents who would raise up another generation of believing children. God uses many means to grow His Church and advance His Kingdom, but His primary instrument is generational faithfulness -godly homes producing godly offspring, who grow up to produce more godly offspring. I implore you to read, digest, and apply this article. I’ve not read anything in a long time, that so pointedly speaks to our vision for godly homes and Christian education at Veritas.